Reward yourself when buying refurbished equipment through REALTEL:

  •      Do not invest in new equipment if yo don`t needed and keep the existing plant using reconditioned equipment solution.
  •      Save money by buying refurbished equipment, compare the cost of new telecommunication equipment.
  •      All refurbished equipment are tested and guaranteed for 1 year.
  •      Replacement if the product fails during the warranty period.
  •      Price reduction from 50 to 90% on new equipment.
  •      We can supply and discontinued products that are no longer possible to find.
  •      If unable to repair or too expensive to do it, refurbished equipments are the solution for maintenance of old equipment.
  •      REALTEL as a global supplier of refurbished telecommunications equipment, gives a second life to their equipments



Realtel provides equipment reconditioning and other manufacturers listed above, but not directly associated with any of them.


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