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Engineering Services:

REALTEL develops custom projects based on client needs, advising you at all times on the most appropriate solution. Using innovative technology, know-how of more than 15 years experience and a team of dedicated professionals.

Turnkey projects:

REALTEL provides technical assistance to its clients advising them on the most suitable equipment, how to combine, also offering training to understand and optimize their use. 
 REALTEL has highly qualified personnel to design different solutions tailored to the needs of each customer . 

Pre-sales technical advice:

REALTEL technical service, we advise for you to find the best solution for your project offering support and quick response to any questions.

After sales service:

Our technical team will help with any questions that arise during the installation of our products. REALTEL also offers after sales service repairs, with which we try to provide faster response in each case.
Terms of warranty and RMA service:

You can check the warranty conditions and service request RMA

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