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The Directorate of Realtel, aware of the importance for the company to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, brings into play the resources needed to make the activities and services it provides, in general, be directed toward that end .
This system is based on quality management and to increase customer satisfaction, and is characterized by a quality policy based on the following principles:
Quality is a strategic element for the functioning of the company.
Providing quality service is the result of a quality organization. The services provided include:
Location of the right product, according to customer needs
Supply of the
Quality control
After sales
Approach is considered essential to continually improve the effectiveness of the system, based on the automation and greater relationship and contact with customers.
There is a strong commitment to comply with legislation and regulations affecting the quality of products and services we offer to our customers.
We are committed to understanding the current and future needs of our customers, meet your requirements and make an effort to exceed your expectations.
In the System Review by the Department reviews the adequacy of the policy and sets quality objectives specific, measurable and achievable for the current year.
Have established mechanisms for the entire organization is known, understood, and put into practice the quality policy described.


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