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REALTEL is a company responsible for the resale of telecommunications equipment new and refurbished for data, video and voice.

We try to help telecom operators and enterprises to reduce operational and maintenance costs, providing a cheaper alternative, fast and reliable in maintaining and repairing their existing networks. The savings can exceed 50%, contact us and explain how.

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What sets us apart:

REALTEL is specialized computers that are providing is the final phase of life that are often difficult to obtain or repair cost is high or difficult. We have partners around the world and a professional team of sales consultants. Contact us for any equipment they need to maintain or repair, try to locate and offer a solution.


All equipment supplied by REALTEL have at least 1 year warranty, and are tried and tested so they can be installed with full performance guarantee. During the warranty period if the equipment breaks down, REALTEL replace it without any additional cost to our customers.

Our services:

Inventory assessment

REALTEL evaluates its inventory or equipment not in use and provides a cash value on them.


Uninstalled their equipment in their workplaces and retired to our warehouse where they will be recycled according to RD 208/2005.


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