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01 Since in 2000 started its activity, we have the priority to provide our customers high quality materials for your facility, always backed by the guarantee of the best brands, chosen with our rigorous selection criteria.

02 If REALTEL highlighted in the telecommunications market is a magnificent career, which has earned the loyalty and prestige of their customers. In addition to our extensive experience, constant investment in R & D that develops REALTEL ago ahead of the technological demands of our market, always offering the latest in the telecommunications sector.

03 Thanks to our experience of over 11 years in the industry, REALTEL is dedicated to the commercialization and integration of telecommunications network systems and supply of equipment for cable TV, CATV. The whole team works REALTEL to provide the best possible service and excellent treatment our best business card are the clients we support and are satisfied with our performance.

04 The process of quality management that we implemented in REALTEL meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 to achieve total customer satisfaction. AENOR controls such maintenance through periodic audits.


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